Sanremo PortoSole & Ventimiglia Cala del Forte - fuel bunkering

Fuelling capacity of up to 500 litres (130 gallons) per minute, ensuring maximum refuelling speeds, including for super- and megayachts

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Servizio Mare has been providing bunkering services at the Sanremo PortoSole Marina since 1983 and, from 2021, at the new Ventimiglia Cala del Forte Marina.
The fuelling station in Sanremo is located at the entrance of the two ports - PortoSole and PortoVecchio - with docking available for vessels up to 100 metres (330 feet). The layout and the width of the unobstructed waterway in front of the facility guarantee ease of access and manoeuvring. Capable of delivering up to 500 litres (130 gallons) per minute, the pumps ensure maximum refuelling speeds, including for super- and megayachts.


Ideally located halfway between Portofino and Saint-Tropez, Sanremo PortoSole is one of the largest and most prestigious marinas in the Mediterranean, homeport for numerous mega yachts, including private and luxury charter vessels. PortoSole offers berthing for medium to large vessels up to 90 metres (295 feet) long.

Cala del Forte is the brand new Marina of the city of Ventimiglia owned by Monaco Ports, located only 7,9 miles from Monaco Port Hercules. It has 178 berths from 6,5 to 70 meters long. The fuelling station of Servizio Mare in Ventimiglia is located at the entrance of the harbour with docking available for vessels up to 40 metres (130 feet).

Strongly focused on forming proactive relationships with its clients, Servizio Mare is a highly dynamic company. It operates seven days a week during the season and offers personalized assistance with customs procedures for bunkering.



According to the international anti-pollution regulations (MARPOL ANNEX VI), Servizio Mare, supplies BIO-FREE Duty Paid and Duty Free Fuel for Commercial use with low sulphur content (10 PPM) and Flash Point always guaranteed higher than 60°c. Servizio Mare also supplies Petrol, Lube Oil and specific Biocide additives and, when requested, it can provides samples and product specs sheet of the fuel delivered.


Thanks to being part of the Group Centro Petroli, a multitasking Company mainly active in the distribution of Petroleum products, automotive and heating oils, whose depot, with high levels of storage capacity, is situated in the immediate vicinity of the marinas of Sanremo PortoSole and Ventimiglia Cala del Forte, Servizio Mare can assure the supply of large amounts of fuel, even in other ports. The Group has its own internal logistic, tank trucks and personnel with the necessary skills and adequate training for the transport of inflammable liquids.


If you’re contacting us for the first time, need current pricing and availability, or need to send us boarding documentation, we recommend emailing us at info@serviziomare.it to significantly reduce response times. Thank you.

Servizio Mare

PortoSole Sanremo
+39 0184 50 51 23
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Contatto: Federico Carion
+39 0184 50 51 23
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Riviera Servizi Ecologici (RSE) is a Certified Company operates in all the major ports along the western Italian and French Rivieras through the Yachting Trading Partner Servizio Mare, fuel supplier of Portosole Sanremo since 1983.
RSE works in close cooperation with the main Management Companies operating in the area providing a wide range of cleaning services dedicated to the Mega and Super Yachts sailing in the West Med. All services are carried out according to the environmental laws in force with the issue of an official Waste Form Certificate.

  • Decontamination of Fuel tanks, with the issue of a GAS FREE CERTIFICATE
  • Fuel Biocide additive - dedicated treatment
  • Decontamination of Waste oil tanks, pumping and disposal services Cleaning of Engine rooms & Bilges, engine and generator exhaust pipes and silencers
  • Chemical washing of engine cooling systems, fresh and saltwater generators
  • Cleaning of the Sewage, Grey and Fresh water tanks and pipes with High Pressure and steam washing
  • Unblocking & Sanitization of AC System and ductworks using a nebulized hydrogen peroxide solution (COVID-19)
  • Disinfection & Pest Control of cabins and exterior areas
  • Cleaning and sanitization of washing machine outlet pipes
  • Cleaning and degreasing of fume extractors and range hoods
  • Video inspections with photos/videos available before and after the intervention

Riviera Servizi Ecologici (RSE) operates in Portosole, Monaco, Cala del Forte, Imperia, Loano, and all the ports along the Italian and French Rivieras.

More informations: www.rivierasanificazioni.it